Wastewater Utility Carves Collections System Out of Rock

The City of Greater Sudbury’s unique sewer system includes miles of cost-effective, engineered hard rock tunnels.
Wastewater Utility Carves Collections System Out of Rock
Gerry Boudreault (behind excavator), Aaron Pribe and Phil Gunthorpe of the Greater Sudbury Water/Wastewater Department set up an excavator while Dan Lamouthe and Brad Morin of HD Industrial Services work in the background.

Greater Sudbury Water and Wastewater Services has picked up a trick or two from the mining industry, substituting hard-rock tunnels for traditional trunk sewers along 13 miles of its system. Unique in the world, the system has proved to be both cost-effective and durable, requiring little to no maintenance over more than a half-century.

Greater Sudbury, Ontario, is located about 250 miles north of Toronto. The area has become famous for its mining operations, harvesting...

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