I&I elimiNATION Event Promises Presentations from Several Industry Experts

I&I elimiNATION event promises presentations from several industry experts.

I&I elimiNATION Event Promises Presentations from Several Industry Experts

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A half-day event at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee, will put inflow and infiltration on center stage as industry experts address the root causes and expand on real-world mitigation solutions.

The event is called I&I elimiNATION, and it’s set to take place July 12 from 1 to 5:30 p.m. CDT. It’s intended for municipal stakeholders, consulting engineers, regulators, technology and service providers, contractors and anyone else who wants to learn about the effects of I&I and ways to prevent it. Attendees can look forward to presentations from several industry experts offering multiple perspectives on the topic.

“The people who speak in the front half of the day really identify the causes and the consequences,” says Don Rigby, moderator and event coordinator. “There’s then a panel for the second half of the sessions, which are those who are providing the tools and the toolbox for fixing I&I. It’s going to be interactive, from a pretty educated and challenging resource.”

Among the list of notable speakers is George Kurz, an independent expert presenting the application of a 10-step approach for detection, targeting and rehabilitation. He’ll also present results from research that measured I&I in more than 500 collections systems across nine states.

Also presenting at the event will be:

Tony Conn, who will provide perspective from an asset owner in Illinois where I&I reduction is ingrained into every collections system improvement, including injection grouting prior to cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining and two-year testing to validate new technologies.

Robert O’Dette, who will present the application of NPDES permit language unique to the state of Tennessee relative to self-imposed moratoriums as well as discuss the costs and consequences of I&I using evaluation metrics including project life cycle cost analyses.

Jim Shelton, who will provide an engineer’s viewpoint to give insight on the importance of selecting the proper technologies that work together — and the manner they are implemented — to seal out I&I for a definable timeline, all while considering the overall cost versus benefits.

Britt Babcock, a representative from Avanti International, who will discuss the usefulness of injection grouting to seal leaks, stabilize soils and eliminate infiltration in collections systems.

Lee Haessig, a representative from Cretex Specialty Products, who will offer a look into a wide range of devices used to mitigate I&I in existing manholes as well as prevent it in new ones.

Jeremy Sukola, a representative from Madewell Products, who will talk manhole restorations as a cost-effective way to make a reduction in overall system I&I, and also as a way of providing structural reinforcement.

John Manijak, a representative from Michels Corp., who is scheduled to wrap up the day with a discussion of CIPP lining for mains and laterals. He will talk about what CIPP is, the different types of installation techniques and when it is needed.

Sessions will be video recorded and posted online at a later date for those not able to attend in person, according to Rigby. “There is video production behind this thing thanks to a number of sponsors,” he says. “And as long as we can get this on video, there are opportunities to bring people together in their own offices and homes, and we can go way beyond however many people are there live.”

The goal of the event is simple: to share information among industry professionals and to establish relationships between those who take care of collections systems and the ones who make and repair them. 

It’s all about team learning. “I’m a big fanatic about team learning,” Rigby says. “I would like to see municipalities and the engineering community come together, learn together and leave together with actionable ideas. At the end of the day, I feel like if we get the right feedback, if we move the needle, then it’s all worth it.”

The cost to attend the live event is $25, or for $195 attendees can also participate in the Underground Construction Technology trade show July 13-15. To register, visit www.uctonline.com/ii-conference-elimination. 


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