Featured Product - Spring 2019

Featured Product - Spring 2019

Find Sources of Surface Inflow With Superior Smoke

Superior Signal smoke testing systems help reduce wet-weather sanitary sewer overflows and surface inflow. Superior Smoke Candles, Fluid and Smoke Blowers are designed to smoke test sanitary sewers quickly, efficiently and economically. The blowers can be used with smoke candles or fluid to detect sources of inflow and other faults. Smoke candles provide a highly visible smoke to find more faults at a longer distance. The Superior 3C Classic Smoke Candle produces a volume of 40,000 cubic feet of smoke in just three minutes. Multiple W3C Smoke Candles can be together to create larger volumes of smoke visible for longer periods of time. The company’s fluid systems offer a liquid-based alternative for mainline sewer inspection and feature a stainless steel injector to maximize dry smoke output, producing a higher-quality, liquid-based smoke. Superior Smoke’s testing techniques were developed over 60 years ago and are still made in the U.S. 

800-945-8378; www.superiorsignal.com/ii


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